6 comments on “Missouri Myths and Legends

  1. There’s a hotel in eureka Missouri next to the six flags that I swear is haunted. I used to work there and a lot of the other employees had spooky stories about it as well. Lots of Native American history ri ght there and I also heard that there are some houses there that were part of the Underground Railroad with secret rooms and such


      • You are welcome! If you go to that holiday inn, you might want to nose around on the sly. The security guards have been known to confiscate film about the paranormal. There is a large painting on the second floor of a girl who lived there around 1900, Aggie – they say she’s the one haunting the place. We tried to do a seance once and chanted
        Our beloved Aggie, we ask that you commune with us and walk among us

        Over and over we said it, with a tape recorder that had been picking up weird stuff for weeks. When we played that back, it clicked off and back on at the name Aggie every single time, effectively bleeping out her name. Lots of ooky energy around there!


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