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I often get asked during my show and even in person, where do you find all your reports that you talk about. I have searched a lot of databases over the years and have a few “usual haunts” that I go back to for new updates. I used to just Google them but when I tried it today, I found that a lot of the pages are either gone or no longer appear on Google Searches. I find that very odd. Strange happenings, for certain.

A few of the ones that I still can find are listed below. They are still there, for now. I find this really disturbing, since there were dozens of them not long ago. I can still find a few groups on Facebook, but many websites have either vanished entirely or have been removed from search engines so that you can’t find them. There were a few from Alaska that I really enjoyed. Check these websites, while they’re still available.

These are still active websites, but there are many that are just gone. Error 404 when you try to go there. The Colorado Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Research Project, gone. South Texas Bigfoot Research Group, gone. San Antonio Bigfoot Research Group, gone. Sasquatch Watch, gone. The Florida Skunk Ape site, gone. There are many others that I either have forgotten their name or web address are gone, as well. They no longer appear in searches and the websites are gone when you click on the links. This feels like a coordinated attempt at covering up the information.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything that is posted or put forward by the links above, I do find all their research to be worth reading. Even if you don’t agree with what they believe, you can still learn a lot from the sighting’s reports. There is far too much dissent among those of us who interested in this field. We cannot let our own infighting destroy whatever credibility we have. Too many hoaxers have brought forth videos and pictures that are easily debunked, but they do crippling damage to the real evidence. Again, it’s almost as if it was intended to damage witnesses, evidence, and accounts. Then you add in-fighting to the mix, and we become our own worst enemy.

Nick Valente of the North American Dogman Project was absolutely correct. We must share information and work together to find the answer to this phenomenon and find out for ourselves what the creatures truly are. That’s why he formed a group called the “Quad Coalition of Sciences”. It’s a Facebook group, but it’s growing and who knows where it will lead. The goal of this group, for all of us to share resources and approach the mystery of cryptids with a united front, using all sciences available to us. We need to put aside our disagreements over what these creatures can and cannot do until we know the truth. As it stands, none of us know for certain. There are no experts. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

Check out the websites above, while you can. I don’t know how long even they will be around. The BFRO will likely be around for a while because of the success of their show, Finding Bigfoot. Observe everything and be willing to learn lessons where you can. There may come a time when only our own memories will serve as a database for these sightings and accounts. Although, I am considering starting my own database, just to be safe. It’s a big task, so it’s going to have to be worked in around the shows and the writing. Maybe we can get a few people together to begin the process.

So, that’s all the sources I’ve found that still have actual accounts posted. Read them while you can. I have extensive notes and a good memory that I draw from when I do the shows. Check out D.A. Ex Machina on Wednesdays and Saturdays on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Linked In. If you want to get involved and help us to continue to provide content, please join the Patreon Community and help shape the future of the D.A. Verse and the shows. Don’t let good cryptid content disappear. Thank you for considering it.

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4 thoughts on “Bigfoot Sightings Databases

  1. Lisa Sorensen

    DA, I think I know what Kathy is talking about (above message). It’s called the WAYBACK MACHINE. This website (and others like it – see links below), might allow you to regain access to the disbaned websites you mentioned, as well as the databases they contained. Its name is ridiculous, but it’s a seriously powerful tool. You might need to educate yourself of it’s capabilities before you dig in to do research…I know I had too! Check out the following links. I’m not sure which link is best to use for your purpose, so I’ve included the top 3 that I came across:




    I hope this info is helpful to you! Best of luck!
    Lisa S.


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