Nightmare Hunter

The Nightmare Hunter with Roger Noriega

Coming Spring 2021!

Nightmare Hunter: Uncanny Valley

Book One of a new series from D.A. Roberts

You’ve read about him in the pages of Lakeview Man, Apex Predator and Code Name: Wild Hunt. Now you can join the investigation as this reporter digs into the mysteries that no one else will cover. Mysteries that might be better off remaining secret. This new series from D.A. Roberts will follow the adventure as Roger explores the world of cryptids, monsters, and the creatures that prey on man. Can he survive and meet his deadline? Will people believe what he reports? Watch the show to find out and read about it in the coming series.

This isn’t real, or is it? Is he investigating real incidents? Are the stories in the pages of the Lakeview Man Series, the Apex Predator Series, and the Code Name: Wild Hunt Series fact or fiction?

Tune into the video podcast to hear the stories and see the evidence recorded by Roger.

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Check them out and decide for yourself.