D.A. Roberts is a cryptozoologist, author, podcaster, and field investigator. Born in Lebanon, Missouri, he now lives in Springfield, Missouri with his wife and sons. For most of his career, D.A. served his community in Law Enforcement. D.A. has been investigating and researching cryptids for more than four decades and is the Central Director of the International Dogman Project. D.A. has been featured on numerous podcasts and shows for his writing and cryptid research, including appearances on Coast To Coast AM.

All titles are currently available now from Dark Water Endeavors and D.A. Roberts.

D.A. also hosts a popular podcast called D.A. Ex Machina, along with co-hosts Steve “Wildman” Monrotus, Kerry “Pocket Doc” Davis, and Robby Raines.

Find it at: www.YouTube.com/DARobertsAuthor

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  1. William J P Grace

    Mr. Roberts, I would like your permission to use the following quote: No one fears the darkness until the sun sets, Jay Matoskah. I will, of course, be certain to attribute it you. Thank you, Bill Grace


    1. Joshua Jones - Admin

      There are a few audiobooks published while DA was under another publisher, but he has recently acquired the services of a few individuals who are currently in the process of recording more books! When these go live, DA will be sure to make an announcement.


  2. Carrie D Staker

    Greetings! I recently heard the first couple of chapters of WILD HUNT on the Dixie Criptid YouTube podcasts style videos. I was blown away! There’s also a FABULOUS Tie in with another fictional character on Cam’s YouTube channel. I can only hope that Cam is the future selected narrator! Then I will be purchasing the audio books!!! Both men deserve credit for the life breathed into the characters! Way to Write them!!! Best wishes DA may you be prolific! Thanks again for sharing your work!


    1. Yes, Cam is going to narrate the books. He’s awesome. Thank you for contacting me! I’m really happy you liked the stories. Two of my books are currently in audio. The Lakeview Man and Awakening, book one of the Ragnarok Rising Saga. Thank you again!!


  3. Patrick Boyer

    I don’t think I’ve ever read books as quickly as I’ve been reading your cryptid horror books! They are so entertaining and creepy. I try not to finish them too quickly because I just don’t want them to end. I especially love the interconnected storylines that run through all the books. You do a great job, and I can’t wait for more of them!


    1. Thank you! I’m really glad you are enjoying them. There are more coming. Have you seen my Podcast? We talk about books, cryptids and horror. We’re on Saturday nights and some Wednesdays. They’re live on my YouTube channels which you can link to from this website. Thanks!


    1. Carlos Martinez

      D A Roberts
      I came across one of your books when I was locked up doing some time for a crime I didn’t commit, like the other 99.9% of the guys in there 🤣 . No, I did the crime and all that I wanted to do was my time and to get out to start my life, crime-free. My first cellmate only had a few months to go before he was to be released, so I figured there was no need for me to get to know him. We didn’t talk much he was always reading and I was trying my best to not look scared and fit in. A few weeks before he was to be released he asked me if I knew how to read. I thought he was joking at first, so I
      LOL and said, of course I know how to read. It turns out he didn’t know how to read and was trying to teach himself with one of your books. He asked me if I would read to him at night and he in return would leave me all of his belongings, when he gets out. This man was in for 5yrs and in those 5yrs he had quite a few items that were hard to come across, so I said yes and started reading to him every night after the lights went out. Apex predator book #1 was the first book that I read to him. He had the series to Apex predator up to book #4 and was waiting for book#5 to be released. I read books 1-4 to him and unfortunately he was released and we never got to read book#5 together. We became good friends in the few weeks leading up to his release date and I was sad to see him go but at the same time happy for him. He was true to his word and the day he left he gave me everything he owned. A few weeks went by and one day in my mail was book #5! My time was slow but I eventually got out and my last day there I gave all of my belongings to my new cell mate. When I told him he could have all of my stuff but under one condition, that when he was to be released he had to give his new cell mate the 5 books to Apex predator. Your books helped me out in a time of my life when I was at my lowest. I hope by me giving your books to that young man, that they help him out, as they did for me and that he gives them to his next cell mate and so on and so on. Now that I’ve been out I’ve read all of your other books and I’m hooked!

      Thank you for writing such amazing books and when is book #6 to Apex predator series coming out? I can’t wait.
      Once again Thank you D A
      Please forgive me I wrote this on my phone and my fingers are to big for these little letters.


      1. Arlinw Neal

        After I asked you about which book was the first to have Daniel Clark….you told me Lake View Man. After I read this book for the second time, I ordered the next two Lake ViewMan books. I have read them three times each. I enjoyed them so much and I have enjoyed Cam Buckner read your books that he did audio on YouTube for you. Well now I ordered the last two code name: wild hunt books. I can’t wait until they get here so I can read them too. Thanks for the great books. Oh, by the way, I am a little familiar with Fort Leonard wood area, I was stationed there back in the 1970’s.


      2. Arlin W. Neal

        I now have 8 of your books and have read them all.
        1. Lakeview Man
        2. Lakeview Man First Duty
        3, Lakeview Man The Beast of Blunk Road
        4. Code Name: Wild Hunt Operation Blood Eagle
        5. Code Name: Wild Hunt Death in Dyatlov Pass
        6. Code Name: Wild Hunt Operation Lilly & Other Tales
        7. The Night Hunter: Uncanny Valley
        8. Dark Frontier: First Hunt


  4. Eric

    The funny thing is I never liked to read. When I found your books, I became addicted and have read most of the catalog. Apex Predator, Lake View Man and the Wild Hunt are simply amazing. Cant wait to continue the journey. Thanks for contributing to the community, and being an amazing author. With that said, happy holidays and give me something new to read over the Christmas Break!


  5. Dena Gallaher

    We need a back ground on Davidson and his sword!! He has been brought up in many discussions in this house! We have a few theories on our. However you are the only one that knows the “truth”. Please enlighten us and the rest of your readers on the man. I have enjoyed reading all of the books I have read so far.


      1. Dena Gallaher

        Is Camron Buckner going to do the “Lakeview Man” series too? I sure hope so.! I have enjoyed reading the books. I am now in the “Ragnarok” series.
        I am still trying to find the books to tell me what has happened to Grayeagle..


      2. We’re looking into having him do Lakeview Man, as well. It all comes down to how much time Cam has. He’s a busy guy and that’s just with his day job. We have a lot of projects planned, though. Thank you so much!


  6. Trey

    I have an idea for the Wild Hunt series. I think that since there are now international operators recruited for the wild hunt, you should do spin offs on some of their teams, like the British, Japanese, and Norwegians. Since Curse of the Wendigo mentioned that many of these countries have their own cryptid teams, it would be cool to expand on the team and the operators prior to their recruitment to the wild hunt. You could explain why the Spanish soldier, Sergeant Mateo Lopez is nicknamed “Gato Negro”, or “Black Cat”. You could explain the mysteriousness behind Noah Davidson. I just think it would be cool to see all these foreign soldiers on their respective monster hunting teams before the Wild Hunt, and it could flush them out more. Also, you could have them go up against some awesome creatures from their mythology, like the Japanese could fight Tengus, and even Kaijus; For Norway you could have them fight trolls and other monsters from Norse mythology; For the British you could have them fight dragons, vampires, ghouls. It’s a long pitch, but what do you think?


  7. Eric Nelson

    Thank you so much. Your books have gotten me back into reading .
    I would like to know if there is any way I can get all your books on audiobook?
    I am areal big fan of the Apex as well as the Odins call series O I can’t forget
    The Nightmare Hunteras well


  8. Trey

    I have an idea for the Wild Hunt series. In Curse of the Wendigo it was mentioned that there were teams around the world that investigated and eliminated cryptids the same as the Wild Hunt. How about, for spin offs, you could write about these teams as well as the operators who were selected to join the Wild Hunt. For example, one book you could write about the Japanese team and tell it from the perspective of Ken Nakamura, who was mentioned in Blood Eagle but not really talked about or shown, and you could do the same for the Norwegian team, and tell it from the perspective of Kaptein Oystein Mork, whose callsign was Claymore. For the British team, you could tell that story from the perspective of Noah Davidson and flush out his story more as you had written that there was something mysterious about him. You could even explain how Spain’s representative, Sergeant Mateo Lopez got his nickname “Gato Negro”, as it means “Black Cat”. I personally think that these spin offs could explore and flush out the international group better and show why their respective countries selected them to join the Wild Hunt. I also feel like since Operation Blood Eagle talked about how some of the monsters were not just cryptids but creatures straight out of folklore, you could include some awesome monsters and threats from say Norse mythology and Japanese folklore, as well as creatures like dragons, vampires, etc. What do you think?


  9. Kim Aitken ( Iam a male)

    Hi D.A have been listening to your podcasts on you tube, mainly on Dogman. enjoying your programmes immensly, would like to draw you to an episode on vic cunduffs Dogman rncounters, Episode 390 an encounter with a dogman in Maine, between the towns of waterville and Bangor, a terrifying encounter, check it out, although you might have listened to it, Iam from Australia, and have been checking out Creeper cryptids here. all the best keep up the great work you do cheers Kim aitken.


    1. Hi DA did you get a chance to check out the maine encounter I mentioned above, which was interesting in the fact it was not far from the family that was terrorised by Dogmen on their farm property. Also would you agree that there are’nt enough Documentaries on the Dogman. would like to come in your podcasts , but lack the “exprtise” in doing so all the best kim aitken


      1. Thank you so much for sharing that. There are quite a few sightings coming out of that same area. My friend Nick has been up there investigating. I’m hoping to go with him sometime later this year. We’ll keep digging and documenting. We’re going to try to put out our own documentary soon.


  10. Robert Delzell

    On your Hunting the Dogman of Joe Bald Recreation Area between 1:45 to 1:49 on your ride through it looks like eye shine on right side. Just watching some of your shows and love them, love your writing even more. Also like Cam Buckner”s live audio reading of your books wish all of them were on Audible so my wife and I could listen to them in the order you wrote them. Keep up the fantastic writing you are very good at it. THANKS


  11. Mark Huddleston

    Hey D.A., love your books! Can you tell me if you have plans to get additional books in audio form? I drive a lot and enjoy listening while going down the road. Thanks for what you do.


      1. Neel Parler

        Sir, I love all your books!! When you do get audio versions done what platforms are you planning on releasing them? Just want to keep up listening at work and already finished everything on Audible.


  12. Trey

    Hey DA Roberts. First I want to say that I loved Code Name Wild Hunt: Death in Dyatlov Pass. Father Marcus and Warrant Officer Davidson are awesome additions to the Wild Hunt. Since you mentioned that there are gonna be a few more books before the Ragnarok series, how many more Wild hunt books do you plan on writing?


  13. Scott

    Hi DA, I’m a fan and a follower on YouTube. I recently listened to the series that Cryptid Hunter recorded on Steve Lilly. After listening I immediately went to Amazon where I found a single book. Do you have other work with this character I should be aware of? Much Thanks, Scott


  14. Ruben Corral

    Sir….I come from a law enforcment career which was influence by uncles in the military. I love your writings, the recent addition, Dark Frontiers is awesome. Keep up the great work. I have read them all several times over, and each reread is better and better. The new characters are creative. Are they based on real folks? Thank you and God Bless.


  15. Trey M

    Hey DA roberts! Since you said you’re still working on the Wild hunt, are there any ideas for your next Wild Hunt book that you’re working on right now?


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