Dark Frontiers

In May of 1865, the United States has just emerged from the bloodiest chapter in her young history. The loss of life will be unmatched by every war the US will fight for the next hundred and fifty years combined. Yet out of this turmoil, a new breed of hero arises.

A new branch of the United States Marshalls Service is assembled in secret. They’re tasked with the elimination of non-human threats to settlers and travelers. These special deputies will take on any challenge, face any creature, and go anywhere to ensure the success of their mission. Assembled from all walks of life and both sides of the war, only the strongest and most cunning warriors are chosen.

Declan Caine is a former Rebel Soldier, a Gambler, and a Deadly Gunfighter. They call him the Widowmaker. He’s recruited after he survives an encounter with a group of creatures that the Cherokee call the Oolonga-Doglalla. Declan’s deadly skills make him the perfect candidate, but he has a dark secret. An agenda of his own.

With a trail of bodies in his wake, Declan takes on the challenge of hunting the nightmares that other men fear. With his band of Nightmare Hunters, they’ll clean up the territory or die trying. These deadly deputies will carve their names in blood across the Dark Frontiers.