Apex Predator Series

The Apex Predator series explores the dogman phenomena and it’s connections to the First Nations. Will feral dogmen destroy innocents or will there be those that take up the quest to stop them?

They exist in myth and legend dating back to the earliest history of man. Different cultures have different names for the same creature, which has haunted the dark places of our collective psyche. Loup Garou, Werewolf, Lycanthropes, Rougaru, Michigan Dogman, The Beast of Land Between the Lakes, Oolonga-Doglalla, Shunka Warak’in, Skinwalker. The beast is known by many names, but they all lead to the ultimate Apex Predator. A predator that has no equal. A predator that preys on man.

Horrific murders plague a rural county, leaving bodies torn and partially eaten in their wake. Detective William Greyeagle of the Lacland County Sheriff’s Office is assigned to the case. What he believes to be animal attacks awakens a dreaded fear from deep in his subconscious. It draws him deeper into his own heritage and the lore of beasts that prey on men.
To find the killer, he must delve deeper into the teachings of his grandfather, a Lakota Medicine Man. Things he believed to children’s stories are proven to be hauntingly true. There are things in the darkness that haunt the world of men. Humans are not the Apex Predator that they believed themselves to be. There is something far worse waiting just outside the light.
The deep valleys and forests of the Ozarks prove to be the perfect hunting grounds. Predator versus prey in the ultimate game of life and death. Who will be the victor?

Who will be the Apex Predator?

Primal. Predatory. Mythical.
Or so we would like to believe.

Investigating a series of grisly murders last winter in Lacland County, Detective Will Greyeagle came up against a supernatural enemy in the form of legendary creatures called the Dogmen. To stop them, Will joined forces with a group of Native American warriors known as the Hotamétaneo’o, or Dog Soldiers. With the help of his grandfather, the mysterious White Bear, and powerful Native American magic, they managed to defeat the Dogmen, but at great cost.

Now months have passed and Greyeagle has found the love of his life, retiring from Lacland County to become a full-time Dog Soldier. On a trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, they learn of other “animal attacks” and fear the Dogmen have returned. As the Blood Moon nears, it becomes obvious this new enemy is not what it appears to be. It’s something much worse.

Teaming up with local law enforcement, Will and the remaining Dog Soldiers set out to vanquish this new enemy. Unexpected help arrives from a stranger known only as Gideon and a shadowy black ops team called the Wild Hunt, but will it be enough? To make matters worse, there is a mysterious “priest” who seems to be hunting them all, friend and foe alike.

To defeat this new enemy, Will Greyeagle must become more than cop. More than a Dog Soldier.

Recovering from the ordeal in Arkansas, the Hotamétaneo’o take some much needed time off to heal and to bury their dead. Returning to their ancestral lands, they say goodbye to the fallen and find new allies in the battle against the Oolonga-Doglalla. But their reprieve will prove to be short-lived.

Disappearances near the small town of Eminence, Missouri draw them back to the Ozarks to hunt the shadowy Dogmen. To make matters worse, they have been asked for help by a mysterious werewolf who claims her entire pack has been taken captive by the Dogmen.

Betrayal and death haunt their every move as they seek to solve the mystery behind the abductions, stop the killings and prevent the Dogmen from breaking their age-old curse. Each step closer only deepens the mystery and Will finds himself close to being swallowed by the darkness within him. A darkness that only deepens when he learns the truth about the powerful Alphas of the pack.

The final battle can only end in blood and death. Can the Hotamétaneo’o triumph or will they fall and join the ranks of the Oolonga-Doglalla?

The battle of their lives is upon them, beneath the Hunter’s Moon.

Struggling with the loss of friends and loved ones, the Hotamétaneo’o find themselves drawn back to the deep, mysterious woods of the Ozarks. Dark visions warn them that evil is once more stalking the unwary.

Two bodies are found floating in Lake Taneycomo near the small town of Rockaway Beach, both killed under mysterious circumstances. Following their visions, the Hotamétaneo’o fear that these deaths are somehow related to the death of one of their own. They soon discover that the creatures they are facing are like nothing they’ve ever seen before. An evil that is as old as recorded history. An evil that has no fear of them.

Seeking help to stop this new enemy, they encounter the Vatican’s Special Envoy. Will this shadowy group be their salvation or their undoing? Can they work together to defeat an ancient enemy as old as the sands of Egypt or fall prey to its insatiable hunger?

The answers lie beneath the Horned Moon.

When reports of a Dogman attack hit the news, Greyeagle and the other Hotamétaneo’o respond to investigate. They soon find themselves tracking a ghost from Greyeagle’s past. A shadow that remains elusively one step ahead of them.

Tracking the creatures brings more questions than answers, with danger lurking behind every tree and shadow. Something sinister is hunting them, always remaining just beyond their reach.

Their investigation not only reveals the presence of the deadly Dogman, but something far worse. An unrelenting, lethal opponent with a taste for the flesh of the Hotamétaneo’o. Can they find the secret and survive the mysterious Land Between the Lakes?

Find out in Apex Predator: Dark Moon