Lakeview Man Series

The Lakeview Man series explores the response to cryptid/paranormal threats to a small sheriff’s department in the rural Ozarks. Walk the dark woods of the Ozarks with the sheriff and deputies of the Sloan County Sheriff’s Department. Can they stop the Lakeview Man?

A missing child draws Deputy Daniel Clark into a bizarre investigation that leaves him questioning what he just witnessed. Trained to trust his instincts and to pay close attention to detail, his rational brain is at war with what he has seen. Something very strange is happening in rural Sloan County, Missouri. Nothing in his experience has prepared him for anything like this. More disappearances only make the mystery deepen as the Sheriff tries to cover up what’s really going on. Clark enlists the aid of other deputies who, like himself, have seen things that don’t make sense.

Things that aren’t real. Or are they?

A creature from our primordial nightmares has found its hunting grounds in the rural Ozarks, along the shores of Table Rock Lake. The closer they get to finding the creature, the more pressure they get to stay out of the investigation. Pressure from the sheriff and mysterious F.B.I. Agents who know more than they will admit. Soon, Clark learns that the creature he’s been hunting has been hunting him as well. The ultimate battle of man versus beast is about to take place in the Ozarks. Can Clark defeat a beast from out of our nightmares or will the creature claim yet another victim?

Can anything stop The Lakeview Man?

A series of brutal murders shatters the safety of the rural communities along the shores of Table Rock Lake. Attacks that investigators find eerily familiar. Newly elected Sheriff Amanda Sanchez-Clark finds herself once more on the trail of a large, bipedal, hairy hominid that is targeting the citizens of Sloan County, Missouri.

Unable to stop the attacks with the limited resources of a small understaffed department, she calls on the one person she knows that can help, her husband Major Daniel Clark. Even with the resources of the Wild Hunt, finding and stopping the creature proves to be a difficult task.

From the shores of Table Rock Lake to the streets of one of the Midwest’s most beloved theme parks, Silver Dollar City, the creature kills with impunity. Headlines read, “Lakeview Man Returns.” Can they stop the creature’s rampage, or will they too fall victim to the Lakeview Man?

Along the shores of Table Rock Lake, a strange beast is stalking the residents of rural Sloan County. A series of gruesome attacks brings Sheriff Amanda Sanchez-Clark face to face with a legendary monster from out of Ozarks folklore.

A creature has claimed hunting territory among the homes that line the lake’s shores, bringing it into conflict with the deputies of the Sloan County Sheriff’s Office.

Soon, they discover this beast is far more dangerous than anything they’ve ever faced before. Lives will be changed forever as they try to stop the deadly Ozarks Howler.