The Journey – Update – 4/23/23

Hey folks,

I wanted to take a few minutes to give y’all an update on my progress. I know it’s been a bit since I last posted a progress report. I need to make sure I’m updating the blog more often than I do. I’ve been more focused on my writing with the books than with the blog. My apologies. I’ll try to do better.

My last weigh in put me at 269.3 pounds. This is the first time I’ve been below 270 in a very long time. Granted, it’s not enormous progress but I’d rather have slow and steady than unhealthy loss. Slow and steady wins the race, right? So, I’m down almost ten pounds since the start.

The blood sugars are coming down slowly. My last doctor’s visit was “really high.” I don’t want to say exact numbers, but it was high. It’s down about 90 points, but I’ve still got a way to go. Again, I’d rather do it slowly and with purpose than with a sudden drop. I know it’s kind of against my nature. I’m usually the “fix it right now” guy and that’s exactly my first reaction with this. I’ve had to learn that this change isn’t going to be done with a single pill or with one small change.

So, I’ve had my first diabetic class with the hospital and I now have a glucometer to check my sugar twice a day. Again, it’s not coming down rapidly, so its going to be a process. I’m going to keep exercising, watching my food/sugar intake, making dietary changes, and hopefully losing weight.

I cut out soda and don’t miss it. I drink my coffee black, so that’s not a issue. Now, I’m working on eliminating “high fructose corn syrup” from my diet, when possible. Theoretically, I want to eliminate it all, but it’s in so much stuff these days. The more I read about HFCS, the more I understand why it’s banned in so many countries. It’s terrible for us

Another thing I’m doing is switching up the types of foods I eat. I’m trying to eat more fresh veggies, reduce carbs, increase my fiber, and make sure I’m drinking around a gallon of water a day. That sounds like a lot of water, but it’s really not as much as it seems like. Especially if you don’t try to drink it all at once. I try to drink at least twenty ounces as soon as I wake up. That’s easy, since I usually wake up feeling thirsty as heck.

I rarely eat any type of breakfast, but I’m thinking I should start. Part of the dietary changes will be eating more frequent, smaller meals instead of a couple of large ones. I’m also focusing on good quality foods versus junk. It’s funny, but it costs so much more to eat healthy. Why is that? Why is junk food so much more available and cheaper than the healthier alternatives? It’s almost like they want us to eat badly.

I’m glad that warmer weather is here now. I can start hitting the Farmer’s Markets for my produce. I prefer locally grown veggies. Not only are the nutrients better for you, but you know where they came from. Veggies in a grocery store might be grown in a greenhouse or in forced conditions. I want to add GMOs to the list of things I’m removing from my diet.

So, that’s my current status. I’m still making progress, but it’s slow and steady. Like I’ve said before, it’s a marathon not a sprint. I’ll try to do better about keeping the blog updated. Thank you all for your support and for taking this journey with me.

  • DA

11 thoughts on “The Journey – Update – 4/23/23

  1. greg

    Glad to hear you are taking care of your health. Under 270 is good. Perhaps with controlled diet you can get the diabetes under control. Best of luck and best wishes. I am lucky that I can control my weight through exercise and just a bit of controlled diet.


  2. Ruben Corral

    Awesome progress, I would like to share some information that has been a blessing for me. I am currently under going various procedures to tackle Afib after open heart surgery 20 months ago, saved my life. So, I use magnesium supplements to strengthen my heart rhythm, magnesium ornate or taurnate, which helps in blood work. Research the types of magnesium. I certainly believe there is an option for you health too. God Bless and thank you for the wonderful writings, I love the all. Especially the Kolshak version…badass, I have read that 5 times…never gets old.


    1. Ruben L. Corral

      DA Roberts, just some horse power on me. I am a retired los angeles County deputy sheriff ( LASD) 27 yrs of chasing human monsters. I retired in 2013, and battling these bastard health demons, I fight to WIN. God bless you always and Power of The Pen.


      Ruben Corral..


  3. Way to go D. A. Thats great and you’re right. You want to do this slowly, that will help you keep it off. It you do it to fast it will just come right back. You’re on the right path. Keep up the good work. I can tell you’re feeling better when I watch the podcast. You’ve got this.


  4. quebot111

    Way to go DA. You’re doing it the right way by going slow. If you do it to fast it would just come back so you are doing it the right way. I think you’re doing great. I can also tell on the podcast that you are really feeling better. I know your back is not as painful but getting the weight off will help that too. Keep it up. You’ve got this. And yes they want us to eat bad things. I believe that will all change in another year. Keep your head up you are doing great.


  5. Dean Austin

    Good for you I am going threw the same thing this August will be two years since my triple Bypass my highest weight was 292 I am at 272 so let’s go I am reading Dark Territory now it is great I love the tie end with Clark thank you for what you do


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