The Ragnarok Rising Saga

The Ragnarok Rising Saga

For those of you who might not be familiar with my writing, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about the Ragnarok Rising Saga. It’s evolved a few times since originally written, but the story has stayed true to its origins. I wanted to tell an epic story, much like the way Tolkien told a much larger story that was shown in just one book. It’s only once you’ve read the entire series that you realize the story was far larger in scope than presented in any one of the books. An experience greater than the sum of its parts. I hope I succeeded.

The story follows Wylie Grant and Chrissy “Spec-4” Wilder from the early days of the zombie apocalypse and follows them as the story continues to grow and evolve. There are more forces at work than just the return of the dead. Forces that will shape the fate of humanity on a much larger scale than originally thought.

What was originally a five-book series evolved into ten when I signed with a new publisher. The original manuscripts were close to 150k words each. When I signed with J. Ellington Ashton Press, their publishing model was built on approximately 75k words in a manuscript. The books had to be changed to fit their publishing model. Thus, the change to a ten-book series. A fresh edit and a few linking scenes were added to effect the change, but the overarching story remained true to the original telling. The Ragnarok Rising Saga continued to grow.

This is a massive tale; full of heroes and battles, struggles and triumphs, growth and change, and above all else, striving for something bigger than one’s self. Something worth sacrificing for and risking everything for. The promise of a better world for those you leave behind. It’s a Saga, in every sense of the word.

This is a unique approach to not only zombie fiction, but post-apocalyptic fiction in general. It blends elements of Norse Mythology with modern zombie fiction, bringing about a new sub-genre in the process. It’s very different from any other zombie series out there. It’s a journey for all of the characters, each fulfilling a destiny that played a key role in the completion of the story, much like each of the Gods played in the final battle of Ragnarok. Each of the characters represents aspects of Ragnarok and adds their own pages to the saga.

If you haven’t read the Ragnarok Rising Saga, I hope that you will take the chance and experience it for yourself. Take the journey with me and see for yourself.

From Book 1: The dead are rising.

Reports of rioting and mob violence begin to appear in the news as more and more major cities go silent. The CDC and FEMA are powerless to stop the spread of the deadly “Reaper Virus.” Rumors fly about the nature of the “rioters”, claiming that the dead have risen to prey on the living. In the Midwest City of Springfield Missouri, all Law Enforcement Officers are called to report for duty.

Corrections Officer Wylie Grant is sent into the field only to discover for himself that they are facing the living dead. Wylie and National Guard Corporal Chrissy “Spec-4” Wilder must fight their way back to the Nathanael County Jail where the few remaining officers are attempting to regroup. Soon, they find themselves leading the rescue efforts as more and more positions are overrun by the dead.

Darkness is Awakening.


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