The Apex Predator Series

The Apex Predator Series – by DA Roberts

“Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf with the wolfsbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.”

Explore Native American lore, the legends of the werewolf, and the mysterious cryptids known as the Dogman. Creatures with a lust for human blood. The Apex Predator Series is a non-stop thrill-ride through the dark woods of the Ozarks, on the trail of man-eating creatures.

Book One – Apex Predator: Wolf Moon begins the series with a triumphant battle between man and monster.

Book Two – Apex Predator: Blood Moon continues the battle as new creatures begin to emerge and loyalties are tested.

Book Three – Apex Predator: Hunter’s Moon takes you back into the fray and the stakes have never been higher.

Coming soon from DA Roberts – the fourth installment of the Apex Predator Series – Apex Predator: Horned Moon – Coming fall 2020 – find out more at

Answer the call of the wolf. Become an Apex Predator.

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4 thoughts on “The Apex Predator Series

  1. Bryan Barnswell

    I have read up to where Jason and Greyeagle go in the portal, what is the next book, and when will it be coming out?
    I am legally blind so I have problems searching the net for your books.
    All I am interested in reading are the books about Greyeagle and his pack from the Apex series. I would also like to know the order, I can’t seem to find the book where everbody learns they can shift.


    1. They learn to shift in Apex Predator: Blood Moon. That’s the second book in the series. There is a timeline here on the website that shows you the best order to read them in. If you’ve read Dark Moon, then the next would be Code Name Wild Hunt – Death In Dyatlov Pass. You’ll learn a lot of things and them in the other series. Lakeview Man, Wild Hunt, Apex Predator, and Nightmare Hunter are all connected. The new series that should start this week is called Dark Frontiers, and it will connect too.


  2. MickandWendy

    Really enjoying listening to Cameron Buckner podcast your stories. thank you for sharing looking to purchase the books now


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