New Release! “Code Name: Wild Hunt – Death In Dyatlov Pass”

New Release Announcement!

Code Name: Wild Hunt – Death In Dyatlov Pass is now available in Print and Kindle editions.

Deep in the frozen wastes of Siberia, a mining crew unwittingly unleashes an ancient force back into this world. The loss of multiple teams of Spetznaz Special Ops Teams forces the Russian Government to ask for aid from the United States. Initially denied due to current political upheaval, the US agreed to come to their aid when they learned that the problem could threaten the entire globe if left unchecked.

Team Odin receives orders to deploy, assess the situation, and eliminate the threat. Due to the unique nature of the mission, Clark requests help from Mika Canowicakte and the other Hotamétaneo’o. Once on the ground, they face a bigger challenge than initially believed. Team Odin must defeat an unstoppable foe while dealing with an adversarial relationship with their Spetznaz counterparts who do not want them there. To make matters worse, rogue elements in their midst are working to undermine the mission and bring about the end of the world as we know it.

In the deep shadows of Kholat Syakhl Mountain, the fate of the entire planet will rest in the hands of Major Daniel Clark, Team Odin, and the Hotamétaneo’o.

Can they save the world, or will they face Death in Dyatlov Pass?

8 thoughts on “New Release! “Code Name: Wild Hunt – Death In Dyatlov Pass”

  1. quebot111

    Loved the Wolf Moon story. My husband and I wait for the. Next one to come out on audio. We love listening. When one comes out, we eat dinner and listen a little each night till we are finished. Sometimes it’s hard to quit until the next night but we are never disappointed with your books. You and Cam are a great team. THank you for giving us something to take our minds off these crazy times in our world right now. Impatiently waiting for the next.


    1. Thank you so much! Cam and I love working together and have a lot more projects planned. I’m so happy that you and your husband both enjoy the stories. I’ve always loved telling stories. It thrills me to death to know that so many people are enjoying mine.


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