Ragnarok Rising: The Untold Tales

The world of the Ragnarok Rising Saga has many tales, yet to be told. As an author, it is a fantastic honor when other writers want to play in the world you have created. That’s why when two very talented up-and-coming writers approached me with the idea of writing their own character tales set in the world my books take place in…well…to say the least, I was deeply honored.

Matt Roper and Josh Jones are both friends of mine who have been working hard to get their own work noticed for some time. They have shown their skills in their own creative work, so when they asked about writing their own Ragnarok Rising Tales, I was thrilled with the idea.

Not only does this allow them to showcase their talents to my audience, it gives my fans a chance to explore other Untold Tales within my setting. To me, it’s a win-win scenario. They help to promote my work and at the same time, they get the chance to show the world what they can do.

I am all about helping other authors to promote and share their work. After all, writing is not a competition. It’s a journey. I don’t know a single person who has only one author in their collection. People have room on their shelves for many different books by many different authors. We all win when we promote reading and encourage people to support their favorite authors.

To that end Matt, Josh and I came up with the “Untold Tales” concept. It’s our plan to present a chapter of each person’s work on a monthly basis, in serial form. I read the chapters before they go on the website and give them suggestions or comments as we go along. That means, that as far as I’m concerned…the stories are official canon material for the Ragnarok Rising Saga.

I might even work mention of these characters into my own stores, at some point in the future. Having said that, I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have. Matt and Josh are both very talented writers. Keep an eye out for them in the future, as I’m sure they will both be rising stars.

What I like the most about the Untold Tales is that I get to see the world I created…through different eyes. Their own unique visions and characters are both entertaining and refreshing. I get to see stories unfold that happen in the background of the stories I created. It really helps me to see the much larger picture of the world of Ragnarok Rising.

By reading these tales they weave, we learn about other survivors besides the remnants of the Nathanael County Sheriff’s Office. As much as I enjoy Wylie, Spec-4, Southard and Sanders, the characters they will introduce you to will quickly capture your imagination. They will find their own place in your heart as you watch their own struggles to survive, that propel them on a collision course with the events of my books.

There is plenty of room in the Ragnarok Rising Saga for other tales. When I see the possibilities, it makes me smile to know how limitless this genre is. I love horror and the zombie genre. My own plans for five books in the Ragnarok Rising Saga may have to be rethought. Who knows where the future may take us?

After all…writing is a journey. It’s a journey that we can all take together, each in our own imagination. We share this world of Ragnarok Rising. Writer and reader, we share the vision. You’re the ones who inspire me to write. Each time I read a fan comment, receive an e-mail from someone who just read one of my books, or answer a question…you all inspire me.

The reader is just as important to the story as the writer. Without the reader, there would be no need for the writer. We write to entertain and share our vision with you. Your feedback both encourages and inspires us to create more, to write more…to strive for more.

Imagine a world without literature. It would be as sad and desolate as a world without music. Literature captures our soul and takes us places that our bodies may never be able to travel. Thanks to the great authors that I grew up reading, I’ve walked the streets of Paris during World War Two. I’ve battled the Orcs of Mordor along side Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas and Gimli. I’ve even felt felt the pain of betrayal as King Arthur learns of the affair between Guinevere and Lancelot.

It was the vision painted by an author who let me glimpse these worlds…and it will be the vision painted by authors yet to come that will take us into worlds yet to be. Books are like the future…you never know what it holds for you until you experience it for yourself.

Enjoy the journey. Live the journey. We have an imagination for just that reason. Inspiring that imagination is the legacy of every author. I’m proud to say that my novels have reached you, even in some small way. That will be my legacy…both to you the reader…and to my own children. Long after I’m gone, my sons can hold up my book and show my grandchildren. “Your grandfather wrote this.”

To this end, I bring you Matt and Josh. Their writing has already both humbled and inspired me. I’m humbled that my own writing inspired them to create their own tales in my world. That is a tremendous honor for me. Thank you, Matt and Josh. I’m honored beyond words.

Go by my website and give their writing a shot. I think you’ll be glad that you did. Let them show you their vision…and share the journey with them. Tell them I sent you. If you’re so inspired, leave them a comment. It will mean the world to them. I know it always does to me.

So, to my readers, I say thank you. Thank you for allowing me the chance to share my stories with you. Thank you for sharing the journey.


DA Roberts




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