Setting The Mood


Do you use music to set the mood when you write?

I most certainly do. A good song with the right beat can keep you on track and really get your creativity going. Music inspires us, drives us and fuels our lives. Why not have something playing when you create you world? You’re painting a picture with your words…music does the same thing. Even if there are no words….it’s amazing how much a piece of music can say without saying a word. Imagine your favorite movie at a critical scene. The scoring in the background helps to set the mood. Imagine if you will, a tense moment. It’s critical that the hero/heroine complete this task or everything is over…they all die. A tightly scored dramatic piece of music holds that drama and transfers that energy into you. Now imaging that exact same scene played with the saxophone music from Benny Hill. Totally different, right?

The right music sets the tone. It doesn’t have to be in a movie. It can help to set the tone for your writing, as well. Unless you’re the type of person who has to have silence when writing, you should give it a try. I know I love doing it. Dramatic scenes call for something appropriate. I like Classical music for those moments. Now fight scenes call for something heavier. Metal is usually my choice for that because it get’s me psyched up and really pumped up. It’s the same reason that I listen to Metal when I hit the gym. It’s a mood-maker.

Experiment a bit. Try different types of music for whatever scene you are setting. If you are anything like me, you’ll find that it really brings out the imagery in your work. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover new types of music as you explore. I discovered that I really enjoy jazz and blues. I also rediscovered my love of Frank Sinatra.

Find your muse and inspirations anywhere you can. After all…there are no rules to how YOU write your stories. Try new things…explore your world….broaden your horizons. It will only make your writing better.

Writing is a journey. Let’s take it together.

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