New Release! Apex Predator: Horned Moon!



It’s now available in Kindle. Print edition should be available sometime tomorrow. I’ll make another announcement when it is. You can find the Kindle Edition on the link below or on my website!

Struggling with the loss of friends and loved ones, the Hotamétaneo’o find themselves drawn back to the deep, mysterious woods of the Ozarks. Dark visions warn them that evil is once more stalking the unwary.

Two bodies are found floating in Lake Taneycomo near the small town of Rockaway Beach, both killed under mysterious circumstances. Following their visions, the Hotamétaneo’o fear that these deaths are somehow related to the death of one of their own. They soon discover that the creatures they are facing are like nothing they’ve ever seen before. An evil that is as old as recorded history. An evil that has no fear of them.

Seeking help to stop this new enemy, they encounter the Vatican’s Special Envoy. Will this shadowy group be their salvation or their undoing? Can they work together to defeat an ancient enemy as old as the sands of Egypt or fall prey to its insatiable hunger?

The answers lie beneath the Horned Moon.

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