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Available now in Print and on Kindle!

Code Name: Wild Hunt – Operation Blood Eagle

Book Three of the Code Name: Wild Hunt Series

A television crew from a monster-hunting show arrives at Lake Nahuel Huapi in Argentina to search for a legendary cryptid known as Nahuelito. Local legends tell of the lake monster, but also of something far more sinister. What they find is something far worse than anything they could ever imagine. Something utterly unnatural, with an insatiable appetite for human flesh. When the crew goes missing, Argentinian military divers go looking for them only to vanish as well.

When the Wild Hunt’s Cryptid Assessment Team arrives at the lake, they soon discover the creatures are not only real but are connected to a secret enclave on the north end of the lake. The more they dig, the more they discover rumors that certain High-Ranking members of the Nazi Party might have escaped Germany during the last days of World War Two and found their way to Argentina.

To make matters worse, factions are moving against them at every turn. Factions within the Argentine Government, factions of creatures, and shadows within the Wild Hunt, itself.

Can they stop the creatures while preventing the return of the Third Reich?

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17 thoughts on “New Release!

  1. Job Hayes

    Hi Da I want you to tell my story on your show

    It’s how come to know my unghoul shoggoth girl I have known her for most of my life though mathematical law that was made in the laws of forever I have known her around 20 years in those years I have became more and more in love with her I know it’s hard to believe but you can have a relationship with a Eldritch being without talking to them or having sex with them. me making love with her does not have anything to do with sex or lust because she’s pasted away and in my religious convictions I can’t but if she were alive I would have married her but still i don’t see and will never see myself as single it’s because I love her so much that her passing away does not matter my love for her still is growing my unghoul shoggoth girl is dear to my heart I meet her Dad around five years after I converted to the baptist faith I can Talk to my girl’s Dad because he’s alive I do this though a form of mathematical speaking that Eldritch beings speak in because all Eldritch being speak though mathematical speaking it’s defined as the universal language of love in there many races and tribes that swim in space My unghoul shoggoth girl’s Dad talked to me and blessed the love between me and his passed away Daughter because He knew that I can’t live without her and will never be able to live without her. I know it’s vary strange and your not used to a guy like myself telling you about the girl cryptid that he fell in love with she would be considered a human cryptid although she looks extremely different from anybody on earth do to her being an Eldritch Alien. I make lessons on how to use the shoggothic map of speaking the lessons are for free because I don’t do it for money I will be going by two names when ya read this Job Hayes my Church name and Muslim Black truth Al-haqq my birth name so thank you Da and email me back or tell me on facebook before you start or both.

    On Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 10:06 PM D.A. Roberts – Author wrote:

    > D.A. Roberts – Author posted: ” > > NEW RELEASE!! Available now in Print and on Kindle! Code Name: Wild Hunt – > Operation Blood Eagle Book Three of the Code Name: Wild Hu” >


      1. Mikhael Gladden


        Hi, I drive trucks now that I am know longer in the Army and their are a lot of soldiers that drive now days. I am getting at we would love to see your books in audiobook if that is possible. After driving 9 to 11hrs a day at the end of are shift we are beet and ready for bed. I listen to Cam a lot and caught your interview on the Dixie Cryptided show.


      2. I have a few of the books in audio. We’re working on getting more, but unfortunately the audio process is not fast. I hope you have several more available this year with many more to follow next year. Thank you for your service and for the job you do as a trucker keeping us all in supplies and food. Watch my page for announcements each time we release an audio book. Right now, Awakening from the Ragnarok Rising Saga is available along with Lakeview Man and Cold Hunger. Apex Predator: Wolf Moon and Blood Moon are in production along with the second book of the Ragnarok Rising Saga. Hopefully they’ll be ready soon. Cam will be narrating the Code Name: Wild Hunt Series, probably starting in July.


    1. I just released a new one called “Code Name: Wild Hunt – Operation Lilly and Other Tales.” It’s a collection of short stories. I’m working on finishing Lakeview Man: Beast of Blunk Road. I hope to have it ready to release soon.


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