New Release – Apex Predator: Dark Moon

When reports of a Dogman attack hit the news, Greyeagle and the other Hotamétaneo’o respond to investigate. They soon find themselves tracking a ghost from Greyeagle’s past. A shadow that remains elusively one step ahead of them.

Tracking the creatures brings more questions than answers, with danger lurking behind every tree and shadow. Something sinister is hunting them, always remaining just beyond their reach.

Their investigation not only reveals the presence of the deadly Dogman, but something far worse. An unrelenting, lethal opponent with a taste for the flesh of the Hotamétaneo’o. Can they find the secret and survive the mysterious Land Between the Lakes?

Find out in Apex Predator: Dark Moon

16 thoughts on “New Release – Apex Predator: Dark Moon

  1. Laura

    I just want to thank you for the series and the wild hunt and the indians, this is the best thing I have ever had the pleasure to read. I keep going back and reading them over and over. Thank you for these wonderful people who have made their way into my home and heart.


  2. Laura Esslinger

    First I want to thank you for these people in this book, I have read every one of them including all the wild hunt ones. They are like family now. However I do not like the way this one ended now 3 of my favorites are on another realm or time frame or wherever they are and Sarah with child. Please contiune writing about these guys, I have at least three or 4 times went back and reread them again. Thank you for these very much.


      1. Bill galloway

        Mr Roberts, are you going to place operation blood Eagle and others on you tube. I loved listening to the wendigo and the war in Oklahoma. I really looked forward to them coming out.


  3. Andy Perryman

    Another good book DA, I read the whole thing in one sitting.
    Looking forward to the next Wild Hunt book.
    I do have a question or questions for you.
    In your books you rarely try and describe in detail the character’s appearances, I suppose this is to to let the reader’s imagination do that, not sure.
    I have seen some other books take the approach “he looks similar to a young Robert Mitchum or and she resembles and older Emma Stone etc….
    I was wondering for example if you had one of your books picked up for a live action movie or series who would be the actors you would like to play your main characters?
    Will, Jay, Jason, Sara, Mika and Cody.
    From The wild hunt and Lakeview man; Clark, Amanda, Valkyrie, Margoline, Gideon, Hammond, Saunders, Dalton, Sheildmaiden .
    I just thought this would be a fun exercise. Hoping you think it would be as well.

    Thanks in advance for indulging me.



    1. I have them picked out in my head and if they get picked up to be made into movies or series, then I hope they let me help with casting. I should do a blog post on who I see as each character. Thanks for the idea. I’m really glad you like the books. I do leave the descriptions vague so people can picture them. I love hearing who the readers think should play the roles. Then I get to see my characters through your eyes. I love that.
      Thanks again.



  4. David Oates

    Hello my Talented Friend,

    I truly love your book “Code Name: Wild Hunt: Odin’s Call!” I’m also listening to Cam narrate the book which has been absolutely fantastic!

    You could not have asked a better guy to do the job. He has become a house hold name in my family and everyone listens to his podcast/YouTube channel.

    Also, the crossover “Steve Lilly – Code Name Wild Hunt – Operation Lilly” was amazing as well.
    Anytime you feel like writing another crossover would definitely be a treat for the audience.
    My birthday is on December 25. Christmas / B-day gift perhaps? :D! j/k

    I’m a big fan of your writing and I will be buying all your books.

    Hopefully that’s a testament on how much I appreciate and like your writing.

    Best Regards,
    David Oates


  5. Dixie Turner

    First I would like to thank you for your service . I have had members of my family in the .military from WWI to my grandson who is now deployed to Poland.. There a lot of people who have no idea what sacrifices are made on and off the battlefield. I have just finished the last book in the Apex Predator Series, Dark Moon. I started with the Lakeview Man the to Wild Hunt series and finished the Apex Predator series. I can’t wait to read the Blood and Redemption series and the continuation of the Apex Predator series. I am part Cherokee and really enjoyed the way you treated the Native American characters in you books. Again thank you for your service.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoy the books. I’m currently working on the next installment of the Wild Hunt. I hope to have it ready for Christmas. My family has been serving in the military for generations. As well as law enforcement. I’ve spent most of my adult life in one uniform or another and wouldn’t change a thing. I served with some amazing men and women that are still like family to me. It’s a bond not everyone can understand. Again, thank you so much. You’re awesome.


  6. Dean

    Man I love your books l guess the wild hunt books would be my favorites but it’s hard to say that because Lakeview man and the Apex predator books are all linked together but I got to say Clark is the man I wish that you had a character in your books with my name (Dean) well you actually did in Lakeview man it was one of the dogs will at least I didn’t get eaten thanks again I know all this attention has to get old I know it gets old to me when the bill collectors keep calling me and sending me those kind letters


    1. Dude, thank you for reaching out. I’m always happy to hear from people who have had my books. I’m really glad to enjoy them. I’ll see what I can do about using the name Dean. I’m always adding characters. Daniel Clark is fun to write. He’s an interesting guy and I plan to keep him around. Thanks again for reaching out. Have a great day, brother.


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