5 comments on “Dealing With Negative Reviews

  1. All great points. My second book got negative reviews because I killed a character off that was actually pretty beloved to my readers… some of the comments I got were pretty angry. I was partially worried about a ‘Misery’ style situation ;).
    Personally, I don’t take offense to negative or angry comments. For the most part, I look at them as… well someone obviously liked something about my first book or my characters enough that the direction I took pissed them off or prompted a reaction… especially as most people don’t even bother to leave comments or reviews unless it’s something they really loved or really hated.
    As a rule, I don’t respond to comments on Amazon or Barnes and Noble… I find doing so to be unprofessional, but if someone seeks me out by my blog or facebook page, I do my best to address comments or concerns.
    As for trolling or just rage-pumping comments. Well there’s an ignore button that I absolutely love for such things.


    • Tony,
      Good to see you, my friend. I hope that I can always help other authors with advice or assistance. If anyone can benefit from the things I’ve learned along the way, then I’m only too happy to share it. Like I said, this should never be a competition. By helping each other, we only help ourselves.


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