Skallywag Tactical Affiliate Program

Hey folks, I wanted to announce our Affiliate Status with the good folks over at Skallywag Tactical. You’ve read about their blades in my books and heard me talk about them on my podcast, and now you can own one. I have several of their blades in my collection and hope to add more. They’re …

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New Book Release – Lakeview Man: Beast of Blunk Road

Lakeview Man: Beast of Blunk Road Hey folks! New Release alert! Kindle version of "Lakeview Man: Beast of Blunk Road" is live now on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09RK1JTQ1/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3QUT4OJXOFNZB&keywords=lakeview+man+beast+of+blunk+road&qid=1643605808&sprefix=lakeview+man+beast+of+blunk+road%2Caps%2C94&sr=8-2 #bigfoot #monster #cryptid #lakeviewman #horror #newrelease #books #bookstagram #Dogman #werewolf #horrornovels #mothman #Sasquatch #mystery #action #adventure #DARoberts

Christmas Greeting for the Troops

Flash message from: Wild Hunt Headquarters Fort Lewis, Washington  From: Commanding General Joshua Stephen Dalton to All Wild Hunt Troops To all my fellow soldiers of the Wild Hunt, I first want to thank Teams Apollo, Uller, Cernunnos, and Anunkasan for being the on-duty teams this week of Christmas. With it being the Winter Solstice as well, the …

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What’s Next In The D.A. Verse?

What’s Next in the D.A. Verse? Funny you should ask. We have a lot of projects in the works that we are very excited about. Books, short stories, Podcasts/shows, locations for filming, merchandise, and other projects. The books that we have planned for the next two years are listed below. This is not an all-inclusive …

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Introducing: Dark Water Endeavors

Dark Water Edeavors Dark Water Endeavors Hey folks. We have a big announcement to make, and I wanted to make it on my website first. Of course, in the next few days, we’ll be discussing it on my Podcast, D.A. Ex Machina, as well as on all my Social Media. This will affect everything that …

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Bigfoot Sightings Databases

Bigfoot Sightings Repots I often get asked during my show and even in person, where do you find all your reports that you talk about. I have searched a lot of databases over the years and have a few “usual haunts” that I go back to for new updates. I used to just Google them …

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The Importance of Music When Writing

The Importance Of Music When Writing I’ve touched on this subject once before. At the risk of rehashing old material, I thought I’d go over this again. Why? Because you should never underestimate the value of music when you’re writing. I know, some people can’t concentrate without total silence. In my house, total silence is …

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Land Between the Lakes: A Retrospective

Land Between the Lakes: A Retrospect It’s my final night in Kentucky. I’ve now made multiple forays into the Land Between the Lakes (LBL) with interesting results. Admittedly, I didn’t come back with the footage that I’d hoped to get. That’s not to say I didn’t have any experience of note. On the contrary, I …

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