Writing as Therapy

Writing as Therapy

Not everything you write has to be for publication. Not everything you write has to be read by anyone but yourself. Sometimes your writing can be the therapy that your mind needs. When life and situations beyond your control are getting the best of you, writing could be the perfect way to express your feelings in a health way that won’t require you telling another living soul. Writing has always been a form of catharsis for me. Maybe it can be for you, as well.

First thing you have to understand is that writing, while a great way of telling stories and sharing information, is also a deeply personal experience. You can express yourself in writing far more eloquently than you ever could in person. Writing allows you to not jest speak, but think while you do so. You write from your heart and mind, from your deepest feelings and from the truly untapped parts of your personality. Writing is a journey in your mind, expressing the deepest feelings you have.

Journals and diaries are great ways to put down and organize your thoughts into words. You can write things down, feeling safe that you have no intention of ever sharing it with anyone. You can express your innermost feelings and work through things that have hurt or traumatized you. I can honestly tell you, having been through a very traumatic personal event, writing can help you in ways you never thought possible.

Even if you don’t want to write a personal journal, you can still find ways to write about the things that are one your mind. Blogs are great ways to write what you think and share it with people, without going through the lengths required to publish it as a book. Blogs reach so many people, far and wide. If your intention is to share your thoughts and opinions, then a blog might just be what you’re looking for. People blog about everything from their vacations to political opinions to what they ate for dinner. Check out the numerous blog hosting sites and find one you like. I prefer WordPress, but that’s just me.

My point is, not everything you write has to be for a book or a novel. There are many ways that you can write and either not share it at all or share it with only a small audience. It’s completely up to you. The writing experience is as unique as we are. It can be whatever you need it to be, when you need it. I know it certainly helped me through a very difficult time in my own life.

Taking time for yourself is critical in this day and age. Self-care is an almost forgotten concept, in the hustle and bustle of modern living. We work hard to provide for our families and to build a home, but sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves along the way. Taking time to write, even a few minutes a night, can give you those precious moments for you that your mind and soul require to recharge and to keep you healthy. Writing can be far more important to your well-being than you can ever imagine.

I find that when I write, the rest of the world fades away, if only for a time. I can relax on a personal level and let the words flow from my mind to my fingers. It’s a catharsis that words can’t really express. That includes writing this blog as well as writing my books. I find the time spent working and writing allows my creativity to flourish as well as release any pent-up stress that I might be feeling at the time.

Write a poem. Write a song. Write a journal. Write a diary. Write a blog. Write a book. Write a book review. Write whatever suits your mind at that time. If you are a writer of books and find that you can’t write on the subject at hand, write something different for a little while. You can release a writer’s block simply by changing subjects and topics. It doesn’t always work, but it has helped my numerous times when dealing with a particularly difficult passage to put into words.

There is a purity to the written word that I find both relaxing and refreshing. Even when writing fiction, there is a truth there. A clearer vision of the world that I’m seeing in my mind’s eye. When crafting your own stories, be they horror, fantasy, sci-fi or others, there is truth and clarity in those words because you’re writing a vision that exists only in your mind. You are painting a picture of a scene that only you can describe and share. Fiction is reality in your mind, sharing adventures that never happened in a place only you can see. It is the purest of truths because it’s from within you.

My point is, writing is such a deeply personal experience, an expression of our innermost selves, that it can be deeply expressive and moving on a profound level. It can be the release your mind needs, even if no one else ever sees or reads it. Writing can take you to places you never believed possible and give you an outlet for things you never knew you needed to release. Writing is more than words on paper. Writing is the ultimate expression of who we are. Enjoy the process and embrace it for what it is. Freedom for the creative soul and ways to see into worlds you never knew existed.

Writing is a journey that we all take together but experience in our own ways. A shared vision that both gives us a release and shows us a glimpse of our soul. When you read a book you truly enjoy, you connected with the writer on a fundamentally deeper level than you believed possible. You should take the time to leave a review and let the author know that they did a good job painting a picture in your mind. After all, you just shared their journey through a shared vision. Embrace it, like a long-lost friend.

Writing is the heart and soul of creativity. Use that creativity to give yourself an outlet for pain, trauma and anything that hurts you. You don’t have to share it with anyone, unless you want to. It is entirely up to you. Writing is a journey. You can take it alone or share it with others. The destination is within you.

Take the journey.


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4 thoughts on “Writing as Therapy

  1. I don’t know why but I always have this idea that my writing should be for ‘somebody’. Even in my private journals I think about an audience. I have lotsa stuff that doesn’t get read by anyone else though, and yes, besides being therapeutic, I feel that it indirectly oils my writing gears. Win win!

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  2. I just realized, when I started writing just for the sake of writing or for myself, I haven’t had writer’s block. I’m just enjoying any chance I get. And like you, it’s always been a form of catharsis for me, but more so now.

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