New Book Release!

Apex Predator: Hunter’s Moon

The third installment of the Apex Predator series is here!
Apex Predator: Hunter’s Moon – Available now on Amazon!

Recovering from the ordeal in Arkansas, the Hotamétaneo’o take some much needed time off to heal and to bury their dead. Returning to their ancestral lands, they say goodbye to the fallen and find new allies in the battle against the Oolonga-Doglalla. But their reprieve will prove to be short-lived.

Disappearances near the small town of Eminence, Missouri draw them back to the Ozarks to hunt the shadowy Dogmen. To make matters worse, they have been asked for help by a mysterious werewolf who claims her entire pack has been taken captive by the Dogmen.

Betrayal and death haunt their every move as they seek to solve the mystery behind the abductions, stop the killings and prevent the Dogmen from breaking their age-old curse. Each step closer only deepens the mystery and Will finds himself close to being swallowed by the darkness within him. A darkness that only deepens when he learns the truth about the powerful Alphas of the pack.

The final battle can only end in blood and death. Can the Hotamétaneo’o triumph or will they fall and join the ranks of the Oolonga-Doglalla?

The battle of their lives is upon them, beneath the Hunter’s Moon.

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