Gear Profile: Skallywag Tactical

Gear Profile: Skallywag Tactical

Hey folks. DA here. I wanted to take a minute and talk to you all about some of the gear I plan to use in my books. Whenever possible, I try to use “real-world” gear for the characters.  This includes weapons, equipment, blades, and medical gear. I love finding awesome gear and feel it gives the books more of an authentic feel when the readers know that they too could have that same item if they want one.

I’m constantly searching for new and awesome gear to use. I talk to former and current military, contractors, industry insiders, and experts in their fields. I made some great contacts over the last several years. It’s helped to shape not only the way I write but the way I see the action unfold in my head. Hearing stories of things they’ve experienced, things I experienced personally during my law enforcement career, and things that have occurred during conflicts abroad has fundamentally shifted the way I write. I want to make the combat and the characters involved as realistic as possible. From their reactions to the techniques used to the equipment they carry.

During this research, I came across Skallywag Tactical. They have some truly amazing gear and cool swag, but it was their blades that really got my attention. When I use the word “badass” I want you to fully understand what I mean by that. You should check them out for yourself.

I could break my budget on their blades page. My wife definitely wouldn’t be happy with me. My personal favorites are the Gunner’s Mate and the Skallywag Boarding Ax. Expect to see at least a few characters carrying those in the next installment of the Wild Hunt series and possibly others. I know I’d love to add both of those to my personal kit. Of course, there are others I want as well, but those are my favorites. I want the Chef Knife/Santoku Knife set because I’m a cook and those would be awesome to have. I want the Skallywag Razor to be part of my EDC kit. That’s just a few. To be honest, if money would permit, I’d have at least one of every blade they make.

They also offer training courses for those of you looking to learn more personal defense techniques. How to defend against an attacker with a knife is a great skill to have. It might just save your life or the life of someone you love. Check out their courses to find one that’s right for you. I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied. They have some amazing classes and they know their stuff. In an increasingly uncertain world, learning how to defend yourself should be a priority for all of us.

Check out their swag page too. I want to get one of their coffee mugs because as all of you know, I’m a serious coffee guy. I take my coffee very seriously. Besides, that mug would look good when I do interviews and podcasts. I’d have to make sure the logo was facing the camera. You know, represent the brand, so to speak. As with the blades, I can see myself buying everything on the swag page.

Overall, they have some fantastic gear and blades. The quality is top-notch, as well. People that have used their gear have had nothing but good things to say about it. So, whether you’re an operator or just someone wanting to put together a kit for a total SHTF situation, I highly recommend looking at Skallywag Tactical.

You can find them at:

or on Facebook at:

Give their page a like and tell them DA sent you. You’ll be happy you checked it out. Great gear and amazing blades. Look for them in future books.


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2 thoughts on “Gear Profile: Skallywag Tactical

  1. RJ

    Thanks DA!
    Love all of your books and especially love the gear.
    Great tip on these folks and am looking forward to adding some of their gear to mine.
    Thanks again!
    RJ in Wyoming


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