Welcome to the D.A. Verse!

Welcome to the D.A. Verse

Welcome to the Universe, from the mind of D.A. Roberts!

Spanning five interconnected series and growing, join the journey into the unknown. A journey that will make you lock your doors and pull the covers up a bit tighter. Because…  sometimes the monsters are closer than you could possibly imagine.

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D.A. is an author of fiction, primarily in the Horror and Sci-Fi genres, as well as President of the Horror Author’s Guild. With books spanning multiple interconnected series, follow the action and experience the world created in his books.

See why NDB Media calls D.A. “The Stephen King of the Ozarks.”

The Verse

“The Ragnarok Rising Saga” is a ten-volume zombie series, called “A Thinking Man’s Zombie Apocalypse” and “Game of Thrones meets The Walking Dead” by critics. With the first book of the series debuting in July of 2012, this series has been featured by shows on three continents.

“The Apex Predator Series” has four books, so far. The fourth installment is a New Release, on 01/30/21. Called a “terrifying and exciting read” by reviewers. You can experience it for yourself today. Watch for book five of the series in Summer 2021.

“The Lakeview Man Series” currently has two books in print. The second book of the series was released (11/24/2020) with more books planned. Reviewers say, “DA Roberts brings a whole new level of terror.” Book three in the series is coming, Spring 2021.

“Code Name: Wild Hunt” is a military-horror thriller following a Tier One Military Unit that was assembled to fight dangerous monsters. Two books are currently in print with many more planned. Look for the third installment in Spring of 2021. See why reviewers say, “DA just keeps on cranking out page-turner after page-turner.”

“The Infinite Black Series” has two volumes in print with more planned. Based on the hit video game from Spellbook Studio, it delves into the Sci-Fi world of The Infinite Black game. Download and play for free at www.Spellbook.com. Find out why reviewers gave it high praise with comments like this one: “This book is reminiscent of the Timothy Zahn Star Wars books, so if you liked those, I know you’ll love this book!!”

Two more series are currently in the works.

“The Nightmare Hunter” premiers in Spring 2021 and will be based on a character that has made appearances in multiple series. Follow the cryptid podcast of the same name on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheNightmareHunter

“Mann’s Marauders” is a military sci-fi adventure set in the universe of “The Infinite Black”.  Follow this mercenary unit as they battle their way across the galaxy. Familiar faces from “The Infinite Black Series” will join the battles. Debut in Summer 2021.




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