Updates and Things to Watch For

Things To Watch For

Hey, folks. D.A., here. I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you all about some of the things we’re working on. Things that will not only bring about new books, but hopefully new ways to interact, new things that we can all share and things that you will enjoy.

First, we’re building a new community on Discord. This will not only allow us to talk on a more personal level, but it will allow all of you to share comments, ask questions and interact as a community. I thought about it for a while, and I realized that was what we were. We’re a community, brought together by a common love of stories. This community will be a great opportunity to make announcements about new books, share ideas, discuss books and characters, and for you to have a voice in this process. Your input is important to me. I want to keep telling the stories that you want to read. I’d love to hear your thoughts and your ideas. It’s live now and you are all welcome to join. Follow this link and join us.


Next, I was approached by someone who wanted to start a Wiki of the D.A. Verse. I was thrilled that he would want to do that, and we discussed it at length for a few days. It’s going to be a massive undertaking and I’m sure he’d welcome the help if any of you wanted to jump in on the project. Watch for that announcement coming soon. This is going to encompass all the books, from the Ragnarok Rising Saga to the Infinite Black Series, through Apex Predator, Lakeview Man and Code Name: Wild Hunt. As new series are created, they will also be added to the Wiki. So, if that sounds intriguing to any of you, watch for the announcement and join in on the project. Thank you. I might join you all, from time to time, but I want to spend as much time as I can creating new books.

Watch for interesting things that will come from partnering with All Tower Media. I can’t really go into specifics until they’re ready to do the official announcement but suffice it to say that this will be an entirely new direction for my stories. This will take interactive storytelling to a whole new level. You will experience my stories from an entirely new media. Honestly, I can’t wait. I’m as excited as anyone to see it happening. The official announcement will come this weekend on my Podcast, D.A. Ex Machina. This will be on Saturday, 03/13/2021 at 9:00 PM CST. It will livestream on Facebook on my author page (DARobertsAuthor), on The Nightmare Hunter page as well as the NDB Media page. It will also be carried on Streamyard with NDB Media. Join us for the show and check out the announcement.

Audio books. Yes, those are in the works too. Currently, Ragnarok Rising: The Awakening and Lakeview Man are the only ones available. Apex Predator: Wolf Moon is currently under review by ACX, and I hope it will be available for purchase soon. Ragnarok Rising: The Crucible (Book Two) and Apex Predator: Blood Moon are both in production now. I hope they will be finished by the end of this month. Now that I’ve found the narrators I want to stick with, I hope that they will be finishing the other books over the rest of this year. Watch for the release announcements here on the blog and on my other media as they are available.

Graphic Novels. That is an idea I’ve been kicking around for a while. I haven’t approached any comic artists or producers about the idea, but I have been thinking a lot about it. If you all have any ideas on this, I’d love to hear them. I want to know if there would be enough interest in a graphic novel to make it viable. I think it would be interesting to see the stories brought to life in that medium. I love a good graphic novel. So, let me know what you all think about this idea.

I would like to possibly film a video presentation of the books so I could present it to a major outlet like Netflix or HBO. While this is a long-term goal, its’s still something I feel is worth pursuing. To see something that I wrote up on the big screen would be amazing. However, this is a long-term goal. I might not be able to accomplish it soon, but it is something I do want to try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. There are quiet machinations going on in the background that might be making this a reality sooner than anticipated. Stay tuned for more details, if and when they happen.

D.A. Ex Machina. In case you didn’t know, the show has been launched. So far, we’ve had four episodes with the fifth one airing Saturday night (03/13/2021 at 9:00 PM). I hope to keep doing this show for the long haul. I think it’s a great way for me to talk to you all about things that are going on, to share news about the books, talk about cryptids and everything in between. I would also love to hear your own cryptid stories. If you have had a cryptid encounter, sighting or experience and you’d like to share it, we’d love to hear it. If you don’t want to appear on the show, send me your encounter as an email and I’ll be glad to read it on the air. No one will call you crazy or judge you at all. You can even remain anonymous if you prefer. I believe in cryptids and have no problem saying so. I will even be discussing my own experience with cryptids. You can reach the show at DARoberts@DARoberts.net Please put “Encounter” or “ExMachina” in the subject line so it stands out from other emails.

I guess an update wouldn’t be complete without letting you know where I stand on the current work in progress. This would be the third installment of the Code Name: Wild Hunt series. I’m currently over 40k words into the manuscript and hope to have it completed soon. This book is different that the other two in the series, in that this one involves a certain amount of intrigue, not just the usual action/adventure. Look for news concerning the progress of the manuscript as well as release information on my author page on Facebook as well as here on the blog.

Well, that about wraps up all the updates I have for you, right now. I’ll be sure to update you as more things develop or as projects are added or completed. I’ve said it many times, but it’s the truth. Stories are journeys that we take together. Thank you for joining me.


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