New Book Release! The Nightmare Hunter – Uncanny Valley

The Nightmare Hunter – Uncanny Valley

New release!

The Nightmare Hunter – Uncanny Valley!

Available now in Kindle and Print editions. Along the Mogollon Rim in Arizona, hikers and campers have been disappearing with astonishing frequency for years. When an eyewitness comes forward, she’s dismissed as being crazy for claiming that Bigfoot abducted a woman right in front of her. The people that are supposed to help only threaten her to keep silent.

When the police won’t believe her, the witness calls the Nightmare Hunter for help. What begins as simply taking the report of a cryptid encounter turns into the fight of his life. This investigation will take him into the heart of the Nightmare, deeper than ever before.

Can he solve the mystery of the Mogollon rim and save the missing hikers, or will he too, fall victim to the Mogollon Monster?

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16 thoughts on “New Book Release! The Nightmare Hunter – Uncanny Valley

  1. RJ

    Well the second read through nightmare hunter was even better than the first.
    I couldn’t put it down and even though I kept telling myself to save it save it save it on the first reading I couldn’t stop and read it all in one sitting staying up till almost 4 am

    Today I broke it up a little bit
    still went through it too fast.
    Damn that’s the end already….

    Now I’m going to savor it, a couple chapters a night, that’s it.
    No more

    Every new DA book I say, damn this is his best yet!

    And then the next book comes out and honestly, this one is the best yet…. you must be sick of hearing that.

    Thank you for this DA.

    I hope there’s something in your life that gives you half the pleasure and happiness that your books give to us.


  2. Linda S. Thomas

    Dear Mr. Robert’s, I wanted to find out if all of your books are kindle only? Or have you considered putting them in hard copy?

    I don’t have a kindle. I prefer hard copy. Just wondering.

    Love the story you wrote including Steve Lilly, I’m hooked on Cam Buckner’s work. You did a great job.

    Linda Thomas


  3. Robert S

    Fantastic book. Very fast paced – always like to see the wild hunt in action. been binge reading all your series Apex Predator, Lakeview Man, Code Name Wild Hunt & now about to start The Rangnarok Rising Saga


  4. Robert S

    Wow just finished the Rangnarok Rising Saga. I rarely give any book a 5 star rating but gave all ten books a 5 star rating. What an amazing journey. Characters were richly drawn & the story just drew me in- almost felt like I was there with them. I hope others discover this great series and get as much enjoyment out of it as I did. Looking forward to your next great books thx


    1. Thank you! I’m take glad you enjoyed them. I really appreciate you reaching out. The best any author can hope for is for the stories to engage the readers and for them to feel like the characters were people they knew. That’s awesome. Thank you!


  5. Kenny Little

    D.A., I have so enjoyed reading your books! I have read them all, the latest being The “Nightmare Hunter”, I DIG it! As a fan of the “Night stalker” series the references are appreciated and I am thrilled at how you’ve interwoven the characters throughout the different series. I was first introduced to you from Cam’s “Dixie Cryptid” youtube channel (Whom my wife turned me onto) and have been hooked ever since. I love the stories he tells and was amazed to find out he wrote the Steve Lilly journals and that you wrote a wild hunt short story that included that character!
    Awesome Job! However, you do have a problem with this and that is keeping up with all the binge readers like me. LOL Keep up the great work, I can’t wait for your next book!


    1. Thank you! I’m really glad you are enjoying the books. I’m going to be doing another Steve Lilly/Wild Hunt story soon. I do have other short stories that were done on the What If It’s True Podcast, narrated by Cam and Neoma. There are also others that are exclusive to my Patreon, as well. If you’re interested in helping to shape the future of the books, check out the Patreon. It’s at Thank you for reaching out! I’m hoping to have another book finished by end of September.


  6. wynotme

    DA, you mind and imagination are radical! In the last three month’s I’ve read 12 of your works, JWD!

    I am passing some of these books along to my ex-military friends for their reading enjoyment.

    Thank you for sharing your skills and talents with the rest of us. You have a Paul Harvey type of talent.

    Zombies’ books are next on my list.



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