From General Dalton: Commander Wild Hunt


Wild Hunt Headquarters

Fort Lewis, Washington 

From: Commanding General Joshua Stephen Dalton to All Wild Hunt Troops

To all my fellow soldiers of the Wild Hunt:

I first want to wish Teams Orion, Tyr, Arawn, and Tatanka for being the on-duty teams this week of Thanksgiving.

Second, I would like to take a moment for us to remember everyone who has given all and is feasting in the Halls of Odin in Valhalla right now and thoughts who have had to muster out because of injuries. 

To my Fellow Soldiers still under arms fighting to keep the darkness from crossing over the veil and into the light, I say thank you for your dedication to protecting the freedom and values of America. For your dedication in sacrificing your bodies and mental health to battling the forces of darkness, I say again, thank you. To those with families, hold them tight and value the time you have with them and don’t take them for granted. 


General Joshua Stephen Dalton

Commanding General Wild Hunt 

Call sign “Asgard Actual”

14 thoughts on “From General Dalton: Commander Wild Hunt

  1. Alan Harris

    I hope you keep writing these stories even the Lillie kind. I have enjoyed them all every series you have published keep them coming please and thank you.


  2. Mike smith

    Than you D.A for you’re books and you’re time wrighting them. I especially the audiobooks because I’m a lonely truck driver who can’t read wile I drive lol. Merry Christmas to you and yours from AKA Deadman.


  3. Jeff Rainey

    The Lillie books are fantastic and I love the folks hunters and military both keep them coming and the next book Steve and squad can hunt blue and bf both brother


  4. Sir, as a 100% disabled veteran of Native American background, I thoroughly enjoy your Wild Hunt books. I even catch myself hollering and talking to Greyeagle sometimes. After 51 surgeries, I can’t do some of the things I use to do, but in my time, I was bad. Still have it in me! I taught my sons how to shoot, use a knife, shoot a bow, and bodybuilding. I used to do that, too. Was an expert marksman long ago. Thank you for all your books.


  5. Margaret Ludens Deitz

    Dear Sir. I am completely blind and love your books. I love how you make them come to life, you truely have a gift. Please make your books all audio, i have bought all of the ones available from audible. My husband and son are also big fans of Code Name books. Every night we all listen to your books. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing.


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