Christmas Greeting for the Troops

Flash message from: Wild Hunt Headquarters Fort Lewis, Washington 

From: Commanding General Joshua Stephen Dalton to All Wild Hunt Troops

To all my fellow soldiers of the Wild Hunt, I first want to thank Teams Apollo, Uller, Cernunnos, and Anunkasan for being the on-duty teams this week of Christmas. With it being the Winter Solstice as well, the veil between our world and the other side is at one of the thinnest point the whole year. Because of this, two additional teams will be on ready alert as additional reinforcements. Teams Skadi and Diana will be on 24-hour recall status.

Second, I would like to take a moment for us to remember everyone who has given all and is feasting in the Halls of Valhalla with Odin and the honored dead. In addition, our thoughts are with those who have had to muster out because of injuries. 

To my Fellow Soldiers still under arms, fight to keep the Dark from crossing over the veil and into the light. I say thank you for your dedication to protecting the freedom and values of America. For your dedication in sacrificing your bodies and mental health to battling the forces of darkness, I say again, thank you. To those with families, hold them tight and value the time you have with them. Don’t take them for granted. 

So, during this time of Christmas or Yule for those how believe in the Old Gods, eat, drink and be merry. To those stuck on post, I have directed the Chow Hall to serve a whole BBQ Hog with a tankard of mead or beer to go with it. 

In closing, remember that you ride with the Mighty Wild Hunt and that even if you fall in battle, we will remember you and toast your passing. We will send you to Odin’s Hall of Valhalla in glorious fashion.  


General Joshua Stephen Dalton

Command General Wild Hunt 

Call Sign “Asgard Actual”

2 thoughts on “Christmas Greeting for the Troops

  1. Irene Contreras

    I wish a email could be sent out when there’s a new book release. 😉

    I enjoy the way you write. It’s exciting and surprising at each chapter.
    Thank you. I enjoy the Wild Hunt books. When I get your new books from Amazon I sit and read it all the way thru. I do NOT SLEEP for days till I’m done with it. I can’t put your book down, I have water n a number of snacks to keep me going till I’m finished reading your book from cover to cover. Like the characters. The Story line is WOW!!!!

    Irene Contreras
    Age 79.


    1. Thank you so much. You can follow me on Amazon and they should alert you every time I release a new book. They have an email list for authors you follow. I’ll also post it here. Advanced notice will be posted on my Patreon channel and even sneak previews for the patrons. Thank you!


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