Cover Reveal! Lakeview Man: First Duty

Cover Reveal!

Lakeview Man: First Duty

A series of brutal murders shatters the safety of the rural communities along the shores of Table Rock Lake. Attacks that investigators find eerily familiar. Newly elected Sheriff Amanda Sanchez-Clark finds herself once more on the trail of a large, bipedal, hairy hominid that is targeting the citizens of Sloan County, Missouri.

Unable to stop the attacks with the limited resources of a small understaffed department, she calls on the one person she knows that can help, her husband Major Daniel Clark. Even with the resources of the Wild Hunt, finding and stopping the creature proves to be a difficult task.

From the shores of Table Rock Lake to the streets of one of the Midwest’s most beloved theme parks, Silver Dollar City, the creature kills with impunity. Headlines read, “Lakeview Man Returns.” Can they stop the creature’s rampage, or will they too fall victim to the Lakeview Man?

The book has been uploaded to Amazon is waiting to be approved. Kindle edition should be up later tonight with the print edition to follow sometime tomorrow. This is the second installment of the “Lakeview Man Series” and I’m happy with the direction this has gone. I’m looking forward to seeing where this series takes us.

Thank you all for your continued encouragement and support!

So, I present to you… Lakeview Man: First Duty!


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