Timeline of the “DA Verse”

Timeline of the D.A. Universe

Hey, folks. D.A. here. I’ve had several people over the last few weeks ask about the timeline of the books or more specifically, what order should the books be read in. I put together a graphic and thought I’d go into a few specifics on the order to read in for maximum effect. I’ll also try to lay out the basics for the coming releases… well, the ones that should take me until spring to finish. After that, I guess I’ll be doing another one of these. So, without further ado, here goes the timeline of the official “D.A. Verse.”

We start things off with Apex Predator: Wolf Moon. That series introduces you to the cryptid side of my writing, being a big leap from my previous zombie works. Now since the zombie books are the “end of the world”, those will obviously have to come last in the series. That’s why they take place years after the others. Wolf Moon also brings in a few familiar things, namely Jay “White Bear” Matoskah and his home in the woods. This will become more important as the series progresses. The first mentions of magic begin.

Next comes Lakeview Man. This adds another creature to the cryptid mix and introduces more characters for the larger universe. You also see Jay Matoskah again, albeit briefly. This book was honestly intended to be a “one-off” but I found that I liked the characters. Lakeview was just supposed to set up the Wild Hunt books and introduce the concept of a “Cryptid Hunting Team.” I found that not only did I enjoy some of the characters very much, but I also received quite a few requests to return to the shores of Table Rock Lake to see what other adventures might lie there now that the Hunt was established.

Apex Predator: Wolf Moon came next in the series. This not only continued the adventures of the group from the first book, but you also met other characters that would continue to establish themselves for other books. You see the beginnings of the importance of Jay Matoskah in this book. Histories are hinted at and a deeper layer is revealed. This is the first appearance of the mysterious Gideon. We begin to see the depth of the Native magic and the power that it wields. This is also the first glimpse of creatures beyond cryptids. Creatures of legend and folklore.

Code Name: Wild Hunt – Odin’s Call came next, bringing the range of cryptid involvement to a new level. The level of resources dedicated to the team should make you wonder. Maybe this entire thing is more dangerous than we realize? The mystery around Gideon deepens. Who is this grizzled old soldier, anyway?

Apex Predator: Hunter’s Moon arrives next to answer a few questions and leave you with many more. The machinery is now in place to reveal the first glimpse of the larger picture. That these series are all part of the same universe. The magic is strong and becomes more of an influence.

Code Name: Wild Hunt – Curse of the Wendigo we see that the supernatural element cannot be ignored. The Wendigo exists outside normal explanation. It’s a creature of elemental power and cannot be stopped by normal means. We learn more about the connections between Gideon and Jay Matoskah. We also see that not just the good guys have magic.

Lakeview Man: First Duty­ brings us to the first book that was brought about completely by fan request. I had several people ask to know more about Amanda and the Sloan County officers. So, I returned to the shores of Table Rock Lake with a new tale. I brought in elements from the other series to show that this was part of the same universe. There would continue to be linking elements.

Apex Predator: Horned Moon is currently in production. I’m anticipating a completion date of around Christmas 2020. I will have to release information as quickly as I can. This book takes us back into the fray with new creatures and dangers. There will continue to be linking elements that bind the other series to this one. There is more yet to come.

Code Name: Wild Hunt 3. This currently doesn’t have a secondary title. I’m working on it. I’m hoping to start this manuscript by New Year’s and it will build on hints dropped at the end of Wild Hunt 2. You will see the creation of the first International Cryptid Hunting Team. Team Odin will go places they never thought possible. New characters, themes, and monsters will be coming as this series progresses. What mysteries will be revealed and what will remain a mystery? Look for this around the beginning of February 2021.

The Nightmare Hunter. This will be the first book in a new series based on a character that I have been introducing through the last few books. If you’ve read Lakeview Man: First Duty, you should know who I’m talking about. This will be another facet of the expanding universe, with its own themes, mysteries, and linking elements. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the cryptid podcase, “The Nightmare Hunter with Roger Noriega”, then you should. Check them out on Facebook and watch for stories that might just make their way into the books. Look for this around March 2021.

The Ragnarok Rising Saga. This series takes place years after the other books. I don’t want to say how many years, just yet. I have other books to write before that happens. There are linking elements in this series that tie it to the other books. Jay Matoskah is only one. Can you find the others?

The Infinite Black Series. Yes, I know it’s Sci-Fi, but that might not mean anything. It’s set in the far future.

Mann’s Marauders. This will be a new series that takes place in the same universe as the Infinite Black Series. We’re still building this series but I think you’ll like it. It’s going to have a lot of action and some great characters. Look for this series to debut by Spring 2021

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14 thoughts on “Timeline of the “DA Verse”

  1. Tom Whitehead

    Where can I purchase your books? Seen you on Dixie Cryptic tonight and I am very interested in your work. I also live in Missouri. I live on Lake Wappapello. We have a few Bigfoot around the lake but I haven’t seen any sign of Dogmen.


    1. All of my books are clickable from this website. Look at the tabs at the top of the page and they’re broken down by series. Click on the books you like and it’ll take you directly to the Amazon page where you can purchase either the Kindle or print editions. Thank you for checking out my work!


      1. Kumar

        Damn D.A. you got me hooked with the Apex Predator series and I haven’t stopped yet. I feel bad not finding you before but now I cherish every moment in your books. So far I have finished the first 3 of Apex and 2 of Lakeview series. I was starting the third and I sensed I’m missing a lot of context and came looking for this. Thanks for this and thanks for writing these books. I am from India and I hope WildHunt comes here for many of the fascinating beasts and monsters we have. Much love to you.


  2. Henry Kent

    In the time line I’ve read all of the books up to
    WILD HUNT, CURSE OF THE WINDIGO. I’m just about to start reading no it. They are all Great Books, you tell a Great Story.
    My Wife recently bought three more books
    Hunters Moon
    Curse of the Windigo
    Lake View Man First Duty
    OPERATION BLOOD EAGLE ( I don’t see this one in your time line, where in the series should I read it?)
    Thanks for all you do and keep it coming!


    1. Operation Blood Eagle is the third in the Wild Hunt Series with another after it. It’s a collection of Short Stories called “Code Name: Wild Hunt – Operation Lilly and Other Tales.” We’re working on completely redoing the timeline. We hope to have it finished and on the website soon. Thank you so much for reaching out and for enjoying my work. I hope you and your family have an amazing holiday season. Thank you. D.A.


      1. Fred Suggs

        Hi… D.A.
        Love the books on the wild hunt and lake man series, nightmare hunter, to bad he is dead.
        I’ve read everything I could find on kindle unlimited with your name on it.
        Waiting for more wild hunt
        Have you written anything about bringing Jason, Greyeagle and Sarah back from the worm hole? Also tying in Greyeagle’s Bigfoot fight in the Afgan.
        Remember Embrace the Suck


  3. Arnoldo Salazar Jr

    hi my name is Arnold and i would like to say that because of your books i’ve gotten into reading again being bed bound it help me pass the time thank you so much


    1. I am so glad that my books have helped rekindle your love of the written word. I love books and great stories. I just released a new book today. It’s called “Dark Frontiers: First Hunt”. It’s the first book of a new series.


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